This is where I took (my daughter) and she absolutely loved it! Such a caring person with great educational background. Hands down the best preschool I could've taken my daughter to.”  Minot Public School Counselor

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Session One:  teaching sign language to your little one, important first signs, pets, family members, pronouns, possessives, outside play, fruits, building meaningful sentences, reading books using sign language, and ABCs   

Session Two:  inside playthings, breakfast foods, bath time, vehicles, building sentences with words we know, days of the week, songs using sign language, Ins and outs of American Sign Language (ASL) and review of previous signs

Session Three: places to go, lunch/dinner foods, playtime, bedtime signs, clothing and cold weather clothes, animals, colors, building sentences with words we know,  different types of signs, and review of previous signs

Session Four:  emotions, objects, sleepy time, yummy treats, health and safety (think boo boos, band aides, and careful), zoo animals, numbers, building sentences with words we know, and review of previous signs

Session Five: more important animals, Things to do,nature and weather signs, cleaning, toys, more yummy lunch/dinner foods, "wh" questions, building sentences with words we know, and review of previous signs

Session Six:  camping signs, Farm animals, going potty, favorite foods, manners, instructions, building sentences with words we know, review of previous signs, past/present/future tenses in ASL, and graduation!

Our Sign Language for Little Ones classes will focus on meaningful signs that will enable babies and toddlers to communicate long before they use verbal words. Research has shown that frustration levels are lessened when little ones are able to communicate their wants and needs through sign language. Also, American Sign Language is recognized as being its own language. Learning a second language is wonderful for brain development! Our sign language classes provide time for practice, parent discussion, creative play, and music with movement.  All of these also support language development and social interaction!  We have new classes starting soon so contact us today.

Session Progression

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Our son signed for potty/diaper this week, dog, and milk.  It's so great!  We can't thank you enough for having this class.  Both of our twin sons also started signing eat.  It has made communicating with them a lot easier lately! Veterinarian and Mommy of twins 

"Awesome! It was so wonderful to be able to communicate with my Grandson before he could speak, so less frustrating for him. And he picked the sign language up so quickly!" Psychologist

Sign Language for Little Ones (six months through toddler years) classes for early communication

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