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This is where I took (my daughter) and she absolutely loved it! Such a caring person with great educational background. Hands down the best preschool I could've taken my daughter to.”  Minot Public School Counselor

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Rate and Times

Academic Intensive Instruction and Tutoring for Students

To have the most benefit, Bountiful recommends meeting with the instructor two to three times weekly for one hour each session.  If this does not work with your schedule, then once per week for one hour is suggested; however, it is possible that progress will be at a slower pace.  The cost for each individual one-hour session is $30.00.  When enrolling in four-class blocks, the cost is reduced $110.

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Bountiful Preschool and Learning Services offers intensive individualized instruction in reading, writing, and math for school-aged students.  If your child is struggling with learning how to read, with reading fluency, or with reading comprehension, please contact Bountiful for information.  Also, contact Bountiful if your child is struggling to learn math or writing skills. All materials are multi-sensory research-based and instruction is provided by a licensed master’s level special education teacher with credentials in Learning Disabilities and Strategist.