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This is where I took (my daughter) and she absolutely loved it! Such a caring person with great educational background. Hands down the best preschool I could've taken my daughter to.”  Minot Public School Counselor

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Bountiful Preschool and Childcare is a wonderful option for parents who work full-time! We provide a whole child multi-sensory approach in our Preschool/Kindergarten readiness programs within an all-day childcare setting.  Your child will enjoy being in a structured program which will have them more than ready for Kindergarten.  Nutritious meals include breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack.  We are proud to say that many of our fruits and veggies are organic.  Children enjoy harvesting, cleaning, and eating nutritious vegetables from our garden and enjoy both morning and afternoon recess in our park-like play area.  Because all children learn differently, Bountiful uses research- based multi-sensory learning materials.  Our Kindergarten Readiness program puts a strong emphasis on reviewing pre-reading skills which are all foundation skills for reading.  Then we move on to learning sound/letter correlations. We learn our letters/sounds in an order which permits students to learn to start blending sounds into words early on.  Additionally, sign language is used to learn letters/sounds through tactile means.  Older children will learn to write their names with both upper and lower case letters and practice writing numbers and all letters of the alphabet.  Toward the end of the school year, older children will work on skip-counting by 5’s, skip-counting by ten’s, and counting to 100 while younger children will learn through exposure.  We also incorporate Love and Logic and yoga for relaxation into our Self-regulation curriculum.  This program is open to children two and one half years of age and older.  Here is a look at some of the many wonderful activities your child will participate in at Bountiful:
                                    *Calendar and Circle Time
                                    *Pre-reading, Reading, and Math Skills Instruction
                                    *Science Projects
                                    *Arts & Crafts with a focus on cutting skills
                                    *Singing, Dancing, and Musical Instruments
                                                Units on ribbon dancing, rhythm sticks, recorders, and various                                                            instruments
                                    *Sensorial Activities
                                    *Show & Tell
                                    *Center Time
                                    *Outdoor Activities and Play
                                    *Self-regulation skills
                                    *Sign language
                                    *Monthly national holiday celebrations such as national “Talk Like a                                                             Pirate Day”


​Bountiful Preschool/Pre-K with Childcare Program

Bountiful Preschool with Childcare Program class times and prices

Our 2017-18 Preschool/Pre-K with all-day care begins August 21. Our last day is May 24
Our all-day program is from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Tuition is $160 per week.  This price includes BOTH childcare and preschool.

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